Criticism is a Gift

aerial photography of road photo by Matt Howard

At Gojek, one of the 10 values that we should stand with is that “Criticism is a gift”. In my point of view, it implicitly means that you’ll only grow if others give you feedback. In that case, you’ll know what to improve.

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Ken Blanchard

Today, I learned about how to receive and give feedback. More importantly, I learned how to make a constructive feedback.

Set the Right Mindset


When you’re receiving a feedback, always remember two things:

  1. There’s no negative feedback, but a constructive feedback
  2. They give feedback to you indicates that they care about you

How to give a clear, structured feedback


Remember the S-B-I structure.


Put the feedback into context by telling them where and when the situation has occured. It’s better to be very specific.


Describe the specific behaviour that took place. When giving feedback, you should always focus on the behaviour and never on the person. This will keep things from getting personal.


Describe how the behaviour has affected you or the team. It’s better for you not to hide behind the “we” statement. It’s better to stand with your own point of view. That keeps it honesty.

Wrapping things up

Feedback is one of ways to improve ourselves. Sometimes, we received feedback that we don’t like. But by setting the right mindset, we’ll see it in another point of view. And by using the right structure, we can give others constructive feedback that they appreciate for. #CriticismIsAGift.