Halalin (short for Halal Information) is an app which provides Halal information & services for Moslem in Taiwan. Some features including:

  • Search Off-the-shelf Halal Products.
  • Halal Restaurants & Praying Rooms.
  • Scan Product Ingredients.
  • Qiblah & Praying times.
  • Online e-commerce for Halal products.



COME is travel-sharing app which let traveller join other traveller group for tourism package which requires minimum participants for it to be held.

Previously, COME is a discount-sharing app which let the users split the payment to get cheaper price for individual item. But, the market segment is too wide so the internal team decided to make it more specific by targeting travel agencies.

I joined the COME team and developed the back-end service since the first version. The service is fully written in Go since day one. At first, I used my own project layout which was awful and as more features were added, the complexity grew quickly which made me had to refactor the codebase. I used GORSK project layout (https://github.com/ribice/gorsk) with little modification.

To wrap up, here’s the tech stack used in COME codebase:

  • Written in Go
  • Database: MySQL
  • Third-party services:
    • Facebook AccountKit
    • OneSignal
    • AWS S3 for Image Upload
    • External (in-house built) Chat Service



KlikFood is an online marketplace platform for selling meats which distribution is through KlikFood partners. In this way, the customer is able to get the products to the nearest partner.

Tech stack:

  • Written in JavaScript (Node.js)
    • Router: koa.js
    • Authorization: ACL
  • Database: MySQL
    • ORM: Sequelize
  • Email service using SMTP

BCC Drophere


https://bccdrophere-filkom.ub.ac.id (currently, the server is under maintenance by the faculty as it is hosted there)

BCC Drophere provides a service which let people send file to your Dropbox account. It is a substitute for dropitto.me service which was shut down in 2017.

This project is built in top of React.js. I contributed to this project when I was learning about React.js. It is open source, hosted at Github: https://github.com/bccfilkom/bcc-drophere-client

Lately, I rewrote the whole thing which is currently hosted at https://drophere.ngopi.men. I rebuilt the backend server in Go. I also rebuilt the Web App using create-react-app as the previous Web App was built on top of customized React.js stack. Personally, the reason I rebuilt it was because the previous project was very hard to read. It also has so many deprecated dependencies and some of them are unable to be downloaded. Hence, makes it impossible to compile.